History of Air War College



          The Air War College (AWC) was established in 1966 by Air Chief Marshal Boonshu Chantarubeksa, Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) Commander-in-Chief at that time. On 4 Dec 1965, an approval request for the said establishment was sent by the RTAF to the Supreme Command Headquarters, and then on 1 February 1966, was approved by the Minister of Defence. The AWC was initially under the Directorate of Education and Training (DET), and later on 1 December 1983, was transferred to be under the Institution of Higher Air Education, Education and Training Command. Since 1 April 2009, AWC has been referred under the DET.

          On 12 January 1967, the first batch of the AWC class began by offering their students with better knowledge on politics, economics, education, social science, military science and national security. These are to be applied to military employment, in accordance with the accomplishment of national objectives and policies. Prior to commencing the first batch, a group of DET officers from the RTAF conducted study visits to explore similar military education institutions in Europe, United States of America and Asia. The concepts and experiences gained from the visits were to be applied to the drafting of a practical AWC curriculum, which is most appropriable for the needs and capabilities of the Thai military at that moment.

          In addition, the USAF Air University assisted the RTAF on drafting the course for the first AWC batch. In 1983, the Mobile Training Team (MTT) of the Air University was sent to help develop not only the AWC curriculum but also the curriculum of the Command and Staff College.


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